10 Things Not to Wear on a Plane

There are different clothing rules for every place. Be it a cocktail party or a flight; there are a set of norms to follow. While travelling on a long flight, you surely won’t be comfortable in some tight pants. It will only make you uncomfortable and hinder the flying experience. Apart from that, the seats and legroom can make it pretty challenging. You cannot expect comfort in your economy seats if you wear an oversized jacket.

All these things are some social protocols that help you fly comfortably. While there is no set restriction on clothing, you mustn’t stick out as the odd sheep. It will only make you more uncomfortable. There are several things to avoid wearing when flying. It can be anything that can offensive to others or just difficult to carry. Although there isn’t anyone to stop wearing whatever you like, it is sometimes better to stick to the norms. Follow our guide to decide what to wear if you are unsure.

Below are the top 10 things you should avoid wearing on a plane:

Tight clothes

Tight clothing may look good in a nightclub, not during a plane. It is best to avoid tight clothes during flights as they can make you uncomfortable. You would not be able to relax in them and also feel insecure. Even if you love that fitted dress, it is better to save it for the party after you land.

Also, sitting in a place in tight clothes can harm the blood flow in your body. It can even lead to serious medical problems in some people. Opt for a comfortable set of clothes when flying.

Heavy and bulky jewellery

It is best to leave the jewellery in the bags. They can create some trouble while checking and may even delay your boarding. Apart from that, flashy and bulky accessories can be difficult and heavy to carry. It will impact your comfort during the flight.

Opt for minimal jewellery pieces if you want. Avoid wearing precious jewels or heavy metal accessories while flying.

Tight shoes

Your shoes need to be comfortable for a good flying experience. It will help you be on your toes and walk around with ease. Bulky shoes or tight ones can also harm your feet’ blood flow, which is not a good sign. Opt for footwear that is easy to walk in and fit you perfectly. Sandals are also a great choice while flying.

Skimpy clothes

You may be going to a beach on your vacation, but it doesn’t mean that you have to wear that bikini on the flight too. Avoid wearing short, low cut or skimpy clothes while flying. It might not be appropriate while flying and may also be against the norms of the airline.

Opt for comfortable clothing that is not too flashy while boarding those direct flights to Goa from USA. You can wear whatever you want once you land in Goa and at the beach.

Offensive symbols and clothing

Some symbols or signs can be offensive to certain people. It is best to avoid wearing clothes that depict such things while flying. It can lead to unnecessary trouble for you and the other passengers.

Also, anyone would want to avoid getting in any fights or quarrels during the flight. It is best to stick to regular clothes that would not be problematic to any person. If you are not certain about a specific symbol, it is better to avoid it. You can also do proper research to ensure that it is okay to wear it in public.

Strong scents

Strong perfumes and scents may have an odour for a long time. It wouldn’t be comfortable fr the other passengers around you to smell it. It is best to stick to light perfumes and scents while travelling.

Heavy and bulky jackets

Heavy, oversized jackets can hinder your flying experience. It would be difficult to remove them, and it’ll also make your seating space smaller. If you are travelling to a cold place, it is better to stick to light sweaters during the flight.

Jackets that are not heavy or oversized can also be a better choice when flying to a colder place.

Non-breathable fabrics

Some fabrics can be itchy and irritate you for a long time. It is best to stick to cotton or any other breathable fabric to be comfortable. It will help you relax on the flight and not worry about constant itching.

Contact lenses

Your eyes can get dry quickly at high altitude. That is not a suitable environment to wear contact lenses. It is better to wear glasses during a flight and avoid the lenses.

High heels and uncomfortable footwear

Footwear like high heels or stilettos is a good choice for parties or nightclubs. Wearing them on a flight can only make you uneasy and lead to swollen feet too. If you have to walk while getting on a plane, heels can slow you down.

It is better to pack them in your bag and opt for comfortable flat footwear before boarding those Business class flights to Abu Dhabi.

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