5 ways exhibitors can get more out of virtual hybrid events

Virtual and hybrid events are becoming common these days. And this is because of the pandemic. As all the events got cancelled or either postponed. The rest of the events had to be taken to the online world. This resulted in a massive boom in the growth of virtual events. Now that the situation is getting better in many parts of the world, we are seeing growing demand for hybrid events.

Virtual/Hybrid events have not saved the event organizers but also the brands and exhibitors. These people, just like the rest, are heavily dependent on physical events. In their case, the exhibition or trade show. So we saw events like virtual exhibitions and virtual trade shows. But what exactly are virtual and hybrid events? Let’s see.

World of the virtual and hybrid events

Virtual events are the digital alternative to physical events. These events are hosted in the digital space. And these events rely on technology, specifically on virtual event platforms or virtual event software. These platforms provide an immersive experience. And the aim is to provide an experience as close to a live event as possible.

Hybrid events, as the name suggests, is the cross between virtual and physical events. However, unlike virtual events, the hybrid event is hosted in a physical setting. The other notable difference is the presence of both live and virtual audiences. And like the virtual events, the hybrid events can be organized with the help of a virtual/hybrid event platform.

Now you must be wondering why exhibitors should attend virtual/hybrid events. Apart from the fact that they are the only practical choices in these challenging times, there are multiple reasons.

Reasons for an exhibitor to attend virtual/hybrid event

  • Time friendliness

Virtual/Hybrid events offer the flexibility of time. As the attendee can save time required for travelling. Even those people can attend events for those who have a busy schedule. Or don’t have time to travel. This is also true for the exhibitor. In addition to this, an exhibitor can participate in multiple digital events in a single day.

  •       More attendees

Many people, despite being interested in an event, cannot attend the event. And this due to financial constraints like the cost of travelling and accommodation. Also, another constraint is the time required to travel to the venue of the event. However, with virtual and hybrid events these constraints became ineffective. So your booth is visited by a broader audience.

  •    No Geographical Barrier

Another big concern for many exhibitors and event organisers is a geographical barrier. But this barrier becomes extinct with virtual and hybrid events. This means anyone from any part of the world can attend the event. So the exhibitor gets attendees from all over the world. This is simply not possible with the physical event.

  • Networking opportunity

To host a virtual/hybrid event, virtual event platforms are used. These platforms offer tons of features and tools that facilitate networking. For instance, some of these tools are AI Matchmaking, B2B Meeting Scheduler and 2-way interaction. This means you have high chances of being contacted by more attendees at the event. Hence, more opportunities for new contacts like potential clients.

  •  Live Analytics

In a virtual/hybrid event, you can get information in real-time. This information can include the number of visitors at your booth at the event. Or how many people contacted you. This information can be quite helpful especially in understanding the performance of the booth in the event. Also, you can determine the effectiveness of the customisations done on the booths.

These are some of the reasons why an exhibitor should participate in virtual/hybrid events. Now that you are thinking of setting up a booth in a virtual/hybrid event, here are tips to get the best results.

5 ways to make your booth more effective in virtual/hybrid events

  • Promote your booth in advance

If you want to get more people at your booth, you need to inform the people about your booth in the event in advance. And the best way to spread awareness is to market your booth. For this, you can use social media. Tell the people about the booth and the event in which this booth will be present. Introduce your event to the people. And try to create hype around your booth. Also, constantly remind the people about the booth and event.

  • . Conduct Polls and survey before the event

To target the audience effectively, you need to understand your audience. Do you need to figure out what the audience is looking for? For this, you can conduct polls and surveys before the event to understand the needs of the audience. This will give the required information about your target audience. Use this information effectively. And prepare a strategy to serve your audience more effectively.

  • Event/Booth teaser

Another great way to excite people about your booth is to share the teaser video about your booth or the event. You have to make sure that people do not forget about your booth or the event. For this, you can use a teaser video shortly before the event to keep the engagement alive. Also, this teaser can help you to spread the word about your booth/event as far as possible. So don’t forget to use this technique, as the event day nears. Also, on the day of the event, you can keep updating on social media. This will keep the hype around your booth.

  • Customise your booth

You need to customise your booth in such a way that by looking at it, people should recall your brand. Also, your booth should stand out from the crowd. For this, you should use colours, icons, logos and designs that are associated with your brand. And if you don’t have a particular colour or design, then carefully select the colour and design for your booth.

  • Use live Analytics effectively

During the event, you have the option to keep a tab on various things like the number of visitors and the number of connection requests. So use this information for determining the performance of the booth in the event. And to expand you’re networking by meeting new people.

You can try different methods to grab the attention of the people at the event and outside the event. Also, by expanding your network you might get connected with a potential client or investor.

These are some of the most effective ways to get the most out of your booth in the virtual /hybrid event. We hope you like this article. Share your thoughts about the hybrid & virtual events.

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