Amazing facts about Digital marketing


Digital marketing is at its peak looking at the current scenario where digitization has taken over amidst digitization. But do you think that digitization is that easy? Then definitely you are in the wrong place. As digitization carries its legacy back to the times when radios were adamant. But as time proceed then the whole scenario has completely changed. Now, that radio that is the audio mode was changed to video mode. That video mode is widely acclaimed as the television which is still popular due to its user-friendly nature.

 Yet an important question arises over here that to enable the awareness of that television to reach as many people as possible, what was the mode of advertising that was adopted. At that time it was radio but now as televisions are still the popular way of communication, the internet became the major way to advertise and promote products. That was what digital marketing is. Digital marketing agency in Canada is one of the key mean why people prefer going for IT Vowel as their option for best services in digital marketing services across Tri-city. Here are some of the very interesting facts about digital marketing that you should know. Now, let us get started.

Interesting facts about digital marketing

        i.            Social media is one of the most popular consumer activity

According to recent statistics, video content and engaging in social media is the most popular way by users all over the globe. Its popularity can be estimated from the fact that over 500 million hours of video content is been watched every day. Online marketers should incorporate these vital tools in their marketing strategies to reach a broader audience.        


     ii.            Video ads are the most effective mean for promoting your products

As we know that videos are most eye-catching than any other mode of advertising. If you are not using this strategy, then you are missing something that could fetch you heavy sales. According to recent stats, more than 46% of internet users are willing to take action after watching video ads.


   iii.            Facebook is rated as the most popular among B2B and B2C marketing

Facebook witnesses several millions of active users worldwide. It is one of the most lucrative ways to attract audiences to promote its products. Also, it is known as the best source to target the specific audience demographic. Facebook always remains one of the most popular means for B2B and B2C brand marketing.


   iv.            Digital marketing is not everybody’s cup of tea

Digital marketing is effective and useful for some brands while for other brands it is not. Although, for most brands, digital marketing is the better source while other brands target offline through traditional strategies like leaflets and word of mouth.


      v.            Average internet users spend 33% of their day on the internet

Well, an interesting fact but worth noting as digital marketing is more effective when brands strive to meet customers where they are. It’s the healthy percentage of internet users that spend time on the internet. Hence, digital marketing is been a great source for promoting your products without any fuss.


   vi.            A less mobile-friendly website is the major reason why 88% of website visitors do not come back after a bad experience

Well, that is true as customers often get frustrated navigating through a website that is less mobile-friendly. Businesses whose sites and e-commerce store are not mobile-friendly can loose clients due to this fact.


 vii.            Over 50% of online purchases are done using mobile devices

Smartphone shopping is rising tremendously. Studies indicate that most purchases are now made through smartphones. Businesses need to revise all their marketing channels to ensure that they are mobile-friendly.


viii.            Most of the customers want that the brand should share a discount on social media

At least 72% of the online consumer wish that the business would share promotional information by social media. It’s the brand that throw coupons on its customers related to discounts offers are the one that grabs the great opportunity to be the best in the market for which they see a great rise in their social media audiences.


    ix.            Digital content with attractive and relevant images catches more views

It is the fact that picture speaks more than the words. Same case with digital marketing as well. As content marketing with the relevant images can bestow more offers than just with their power of texting. Consumers prefer image-rich content and marketers need to invest in quality photos if they want to gain popularity to endorse their product.


      x.            The average consumer’s attention lasts only 8 seconds

Well, that’s interesting but true as well as competition is incredibly high and most the people are more inclined towards their daily office work. Therefore, they get less time. Websites that aren’t optimized for speed may fail to attract traffic. The videos should not be too long as it may result in stopping the video ad in between.


    xi.            PPC ads increase ad awareness to a high level

According to research, PPC ads can help businesses to increase their brand awareness by 46%. This explains why most companies prefer working hard to ensure that their ads appear on the top of SERPS that Search Engine Result pages.


 xii.            Users who visit your website after clicking on your PPC ads are likely to buy your products

Well, that’s interesting as PPC ads are more popular due to their high conversion rates. It is believed that most users who click on the PPC ads are more likely to buy their products. PPC ads provide better conversion rates than visitors who find your products through organic searches.


Final say

Summarising the entire article in short that digital marketing is no doubt in the extreme limelight considering the modern scenario. But still, the facts above enhances its popularity to a very high level. Digital marketing is a great source to up your skills in promoting your products through online mode,

 Thank you for going through these factual articles. If you found it interesting and worthy then don’t forget to share it with your friends and relatives. You are one step closer to making the best out of digital marketing. IT Vowel is the one that provides the best services across various nations globally. Have a nice day. Stay home, stay safe.

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