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Any industrial project has multiple disciplines. These disciplines have to be integrated and seamless so that the result is optimal. The role of architects and engineers is essential. They help provide a seamless interface between disciplines.
Their role also includes collecting information from the client. This process of gathering information is over many sessions of intense discussions. These sessions are very productive and result in lesser changes after the planning is over. The architects document the data and sign-off before the designing stage starts.
The architect’s team ensures that the regulatory compliances are in line. They also prepare the drawings needed for statutory approvals.

Architects and engineers then start detailing the project. During this stage, they prepare the tender drawings, the specifications and Bill of Quantities, Request for Quote/Proposal. Once the vendor is finalised, they issue the good for construction drawings.

During construction, the architects and engineers respond to any RFI (Request for Information) raised by the vendors.
Another significant responsibility of the architect’s team is to prepare the “As-Built Drawings” after completing the project.
To conclude, the architect’s role does not end at the designing stage. They have to be there till the close out of the project.

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