Can Virtual Labs Help In Developing Network Security Skills? Here Are The Top 8 Benefits Of Virtual Labs

Survival in the IT industry seeks great dedication towards learning more and more. Getting the expertise in the sections can help the professionals to reach higher in their career. But this is possible only when the person gains the maximum number of skills in which Virtual labs can benefit a lot. Before jumping on the benefits of virtual labs, let us first see what does virtual lab mean.

What does Virtual Lab mean in Network Automation?

Network automation is a complex and huge operating system where several devices, tools, software, hardware and so on, are part of making the whole system work efficiently. There are several tasks and commands that need to be performed by professionals to make all these devices work effectively. And a single wrong command can destroy the whole network and connections operations. To avoid such conditions, virtual labs can play a vital role.

Virtual labs are a platform that is prepared similar to real-time projects where candidates can try their hands-on and practice whatever they learn during the training process. These labs are made by using virtual and real-time devices. They are combined to create an ambience of a network environment where professionals can practice, troubleshoot, perform tasks etc and polish their skills.

These labs have several advantages that have made them so popular in the IT industry. Some of them are mentioned in the below section.

Benefits of Virtual Labs For Employees and Candidates

Virtual labs can do a tremendous job for candidates who are willing to learn new skills. It gives a platform to try their hands and get ready to face the practical issues and resolve them with the best possible method. More than this, the following are the other advantages of virtual labs.

1.    Flexible access: virtual labs allow the candidates to access the platform and practice from any PC or system with internet connectivity. 

2.    Instant Feedbacks: candidates can give their feedback or read the feedback before joining any specific virtual labs.

3.    24*7 access: since virtual labs are available online, they can have 24*7 access, unlike the old-school labs where there were time limits. This allows the candidate to prepare and practice according to their daily schedule and not to compromise with their learning process.

4.    Advanced labs: virtual labs are fully equipped and have both virtual and physical device supports to make them fully advanced labs for better practice methods.

5.    Less cost price: virtual labs costs lesser than the old-school one and hence are more affordable for candidates and organizations.

6.    Easy maintenance: such high-tech labs require time-to-time maintenance which was a bit harder in the old school and easier in the virtual labs. The support teams help in the whole process.

7.    Scalability of devices and network: the expansion of the network according to the need and number of candidates is easily possible in the virtual labs.

8.    IT Support: depending on the providers, IT support for the virtual labs can be available 24*7 or if the candidate is stuck at some point, the experts will help the candidate within the 24hrs to 48hrs.

The list of benefits does not end here, it goes on depending on the providers.

Do Virtual Labs benefit career-oriented professionals?

After knowing the top 8 benefits of virtual labs, there is no question left as to whether it is good for working or aspiring professionals or not. Virtual labs will definitely help the professionals in flourishing their career.

Virtual labs allow the candidates to learn, practice and test his/her skills on a platform where they can try whatever methods they want and see the results. This way they can polish their approaches before digging into the real-time projects.

If a candidate already has his hands-on practice over any relevant virtual labs, this helps the candidate to gain confidence and perform well on real-time projects as it will help them to avoid any serious error in the projects. This also leads to gaining authenticity and trust from the employer helping in getting early promotions and salary hikes.

How UniNets can help in finding the best virtual labs

Virtual labs are important for the learning process but not every virtual lab can provide the quality required. Here virtual labs by UniNets can work wonders.

 The professionals can find a number of virtual labs like Checkpoint CCSE, CCSA, Cisco Nexus, CCNP, CCNA, F5 LTM, Palo Alto and so on with great quality and 24*7 IT support. Here the aspirant can also get the workbooks to help them perform the task and can even ask for technical guidance and help. The labs here are well-equipped and advanced where the candidate can practice as much as they feel like. Access to these labs is available 24*7 with high-quality devices.

 Labs at UniNets are well-maintained and updated from time to time, many users enroll in virtual labs and polishes their skills with UniNets.

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