Does your company really need desk booking software?

Today, facility managers or business owners, or commercial real estate managers are viewing modern and advance technology to adapt their portfolio to the new normal. In this article, we have discussed the pros and cons of desk booking software and whether it’s the perfect choice for your company or not.

Desk booking software has now become the most popular subject with businesses realizing that flexible and hybrid working is here to stay for a very long time post covid. But, do you really think that it is, or is it just a buzzword in the market? Or is this something companies around the world should be utilized to adjust in the current era of the pandemic; a new normal of the office environment?

 What factors need consideration while choosing the one?

If you are a CEO or manager or shareholder and you’re looking for detailed information about desk booking software which is also known as desk booking system or desk reservation system, or you are considering implementing the one in your company, in this article, we’ve accumulated a list of essential things for you to consider while choosing the one.

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 Will the workplace booking concept create a problem?

Before analyzing further, think about the utilization of your company’s conference rooms and other workplaces. Possibilities are they’re already bookable, right? Yet, are you aware of how many no-shows your meeting rooms see every day? Company Workers generally book a room only to conduct the meeting in a café or to take clients out to a restaurant or sitting in the garden, etc. In some instances, the employee may reserve a room, but soon realize that no one is in the building which as a result, they attend the meeting virtually.

 This not only blocks another employee from booking the room but in the end, office space never actually gets used (wastage of real estate). If these difficulties already exist within your company, you can anticipate seeing similar circumstances when new software is implemented, which could be the best solution for businesses around the world.

 Will your workers support desk booking?

One of the most essential factors while implementing the latest and advance technology in the workplace is having the whole team on board with the process. Confused? What does that mean? This means that new software should be straightforward to add to existing routines. More importantly, if the workers don’t feel that there is an existing obstacle or a true necessity for software, forcing it upon them will only produce disappointment. Plus, it might even end up spending a lot of money which would be a total waste.  This software could simply end up being more struggle than it’s worth if there is no buy-in from the entire team.

 So what do you think? Do you believe that company employees will comply with your rules and regulation?

With the booking tool, a set of new rules and regulations must be implemented so businesses can keep the experience efficient, effective, transparent, and workers can better understand the software in use.

In case you have any doubts related to anything about the software or its benefits, please feel free to connect with us.

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