Finger, Hand & Elbow Pain? Your Smartphone Might Be The Reason!

The total mobile users in India are expected to cross 820 million by 2022. Smartphones have become a necessity in today’s modern age. We can’t spend a day without checking our emails, social media, messaging apps, and call logs. It seems like people have developed an unhealthy addiction to mobiles. Even though smartphones have made our lives a lot easier, we can’t deny the fact that these devices have a severe impact on our hands, fingers, and elbows.

Many people have reported neck and back pain due to the excess use of mobiles, while some people feel extreme pain in their fingers and elbows. Holding mobiles for a prolonged period is not good for your eyes and hands. If you are still uncertain about the adverse effects of smartphones on your elbows and knees, you should get in touch with the knee replacement doctor in Thane to learn more about “text claw” and “cell phone elbow”.

What are Text Claw and Cell Phone Elbow?

These non-medical terms are used extensively to indicate the pain in the fingers and elbow caused by excess usage of mobiles. Since your phones do not have a resting place for your fingers, they might cause numbness in your ring and pinky fingers. The smartphones have a design that can cause excess pain in your hands if used for prolonged periods.

For example, if you are watching a 60-minute video or streaming movies for hours, chances are your pinky finger will feel numb within a few minutes of carrying mobiles. So, what do these non-medical terms mean, and how they can occur?

Text Claw: Any strenuous finger exercise or lack of muscle use can lead to hand cramps – a medical condition that might cause excess pain in your fingers. Text claw refers to a hand and fingers condition caused by scrolling, texting, and prolonged use of mobiles.

Cellphone Elbow: Bending your elbows for hours can cause cellphone elbow, a painful elbow, and numbness in the pinky and ring fingers.

Smartphone Thumb: Excess use of mobiles can also stress your tendon, which can cause sharp shooting pain in your thumb and all the way down to the wrist.

How Can You Avoid the Elbow and Hand Pain?

A few symptoms of text claw and cellphone elbow are shooting pain in the elbow, finger numbness, extreme pain in the wrist and thumb, and muscle spasms.

Limiting your mobile usage is the first and most crucial step to reducing the pain. The more you expose yourself to smartphones, the higher the risk of text claws and cell phone elbows. That’s because you hold the mobiles and keep your hands in one position for longer periods, which results in hand numbness and pain in the fingers.

You should also practice hands and wrist exercises regularly. A hand massage is an effective way to reduce excess pain and keep your elbows and hands healthy. In addition, a massage with a cold ice bag can reduce inflammation and numbness on your hand.



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