Fly Better with Spirit Airlines First Class

When the name of Spirit Airlines comes to mind, the first thing anyone thinks about is its fares and charges of almost everything served during the flight. But the one thing Spirit Airlines, being the ultra-low-cost airline, has earned its position is its first-class seats. 

Also known as the Big Front Seats, present in the front row of the flight is the most spacious and comfortable seats on their plane. With dimensions of 36×18.5, these seats have six inches of extra leg space. These seats are set two in a row instead of three small seats. It is pretty obvious that the Spirit Airlines Tickets for the Big front Seats is higher than any other seat on the plane; it completely depends on the distance of your journey. 

When Are The Big Front Seats Worthy?

Since the cost of these seats is higher than the other seats and the rates have increased again recently, you must know when you should travel with these seats and when the fare for these seats is worth it. 

If you are traveling with Spirit Airlines fr a journey of fewer than three hours, paying for the big front seats is not worth it. The Big Front seats are only worthy when you have to travel for a long journey, and you can take full advantage of your seats. More legroom, bigger seats, and a desk capable of holding a laptop are only worth it if you get to use them. 

Cost of Big Front Seats Of Spirit Airlines

Although the cost of the first-class seats of Spirit Airlines is comparatively higher than the cost of the first-class seats of most of the other airlines, the cost completely depends on two factors:

  1. If the upgradation is done online or offline.

  2. The distance you want to travel with flight.

If the upgradation is done online or offline

The cost of the First class seats of Spirit Airlines is lower offline when compared to the online prices. But booking a Big Front Seat offline is a huge risk since there are only very first-class seats in each flight of the airlines. The time you might take to visit the airport and get your reservations done, all the seats might get full. It completely depends on you if you want to take the risk to save your money or buy the seats online at a higher date. 

The distance you want to travel with flight.

The distance you want to fly to is the main factor of the variation in the prices of the seats. The longer the journey, the higher the price. Although you might get some deals and discounts that can help you save a lot of money on your flight bookings. 


The award ticket is another factor that might help you save some money while making Spirit Airlines reservations of the front seats. People who use award tickets at the booking get a higher discount on monetary teams and miles. To book a flight with the award ticket, make sure you have unexpired miles in your Spirit Airlines Credit Card. Once the miles are expired, they do not have any redemption value and are completely wasted. You can redeem your miles while making the reservation on their website. Just remember to choose miles while entering your booking details and the award chart will come up at the time of the payment. You can then easily go with miles.

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