Heat Exchanger Manufacturer in India

In India one of the most popular machine manufacturer industry and that is “Rex Heat Exchanger India Pvt Ltd”, it had started in the year of 2012. Rex Heat Exchanger are making machines for the power generation industry, petrochemical , shell and tube heat exchanger for the chemical. We know that rex heat exchanger are exploring in the wide range of world. There equipment found in the chemical, food , energy , pharmaceutical , pulp, paper industries and beverage.

Rex Heat Exchanger India Pvt Ltd , are the aspire time and it is professional relationship with other clients or other companies. They are manufacturing best quality of machines with recognise codes, standard and suit for specific individuals.

Rex Heat Exchanger are the exclusive record and interpretation in small and huge projects, fabrictionand engineering are diversity in services. Rex Heat Exchanger are manufacturing best quality of machines and highly efficient , all the types of machines are manufacturer like pressure vessels , reactor vessels, heat exchanger , and many other machine products. All our products are known for crowning performance I the absolute business turf.

Heat exchanger are the gauge of 7QC, the constitution of quality council of India and National Accreditation Board for Certificate Bodies ( NABCB). Our machines are also tested by various test in full fledged.

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