Make an Impact With Help From a Shopify SEO Expert

Tired of lackluster traffic and sales figures? Trying to figure out how you can make a real impact in your industry?

These are common questions in the world of eCommerce and running an online business. If you are serious about dominating your niche and becoming a successful business owner, you may need the help of a dedicated Shopify SEO expert. Here’s why:

SEO is No Longer a Simple Feat

No matter how much you think you know about running an SEO campaign, chances are you aren’t equipped in-house to deal with what a real search engine optimization campaign requires.

This is because, over the past few years, the bar has been raised substantially. Ranking has become less a game of optimizations and more of meeting certain user experience metrics and honing in on search intent and how Google interprets your website.

This means you need a smart team of digital marketers who not only know Shopify inside and out, but who live and breathe SEO every day. A true team of Shopify SEO experts that know how to build campaigns around trusted techniques that actually produce results

This is a big difference compared to the usual tactics that are out there, because for many marketers, SEO is still a game of “pin the tail on the donkey.” Simply trying to take a stab in the dark at whatever the latest trends are in order to try and capitalize on certain ranking signals or other kinds of metrics.

These techniques may sound tempting and often come in affordable packages, but there’s a reason for this. The days of using “SEO hacks” and similar techniques for online stores is coming to an end. Google wants to see quality that will actually help users find what they are looking for. This is what matters most to Google, which means that you need to be able to craft your website with this line of thinking in mind. How well does your website actually serve your customers and point them in the right direction?

A Smarter Strategy For Your Shopify Business

Another reason why a Shopify SEO expert will be necessary is simply from a strategy point of view. There is a big difference between “doing SEO” and managing a professional-level SEO campaign for an online business.

First of all, SEO is an ongoing process that never ends. In most cases, you can expect some results in as little as 3 – 6 months, yet if you were to halt your SEO campaign at that mark, your results would fall off in no time. This is because the entire point of optimizing your Shopify store is to keep it relevant and up to date with the latest Google expectations, as well as fresh content.

Another reason you want to go the professional route for your Shopify SEO is that you should approach your marketing from a strategic point of view. Everything from the keyword research to the execution of the campaign itself should take a wider approach that encompasses your brand, your business goals, and carving out a successful path in your niche.

If these are the kinds of results you are looking for, Genius eCommerce® is the team of SEO experts you want to call. They are comprised of veteran SEO, SEM, and marketing specialists that know how to boost Shopify stores to new heights. When it comes to succeeding in eCommerce, they are who you want in your corner. With proven methods and the reviews to back them up, they are the clear choice for your next Shopify SEO campaign.

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