Return back to the office with Desk Reservation system

The future of the workplace is here – The hybrid working or you can say flexible working to stay and desk reservation system will be essential in making it a success.

Explore how a desk reservation system can make returning back to the office seamless, help employees feel safe and secure, and allow facility supervisors to optimize and utilize floor workspace.

What is desk booking or desk reservation?

Desk reservation lets employees book their workspace either in advance or on the spot. As a method, it often goes hand in hand with hot-desking and while neither concept is new, these days the novel coronavirus pandemic has forced companies to review the way booking systems are implemented.

As companies begin to open their offices, it’s becoming clear day by day that working amid a pandemic needs agility, coordination, and flexibility. In actuality, it means designing dynamic floor plans and allotting desks manually, which is stiff and inefficient. As a consequence, digital signage solutions have become the unsung warriors — enabling facilities supervisors and workplace organizations to effectively and efficiently manage a return back to the office that prioritizes both employee well-being as well as for business needs.

The demand for both staff and business is becoming ever more closely tangled. And the Positive experience is a key element in creating a flexible workplace, the ability to book a workplace or administrate team accommodation and arrangements with reservation system is becoming an essential tool for facilities management teams. 

 Seamlessly transforming from home to the office

The novel coronavirus pandemic has fastened the desire for flexible working agendas in the mindset of most employees. According to the recent survey and studies, the majority of employees have a preference for combining their work from home or work from office opportunities.

 Transparently balancing office and remote working

Transparently balancing office and remote working requirements and real-time data so that workers and facility managers can manage expectations as well as the physical environment, safety, and security.

The scale of desk management solutions available in the industry for managing this balancing act easy. With these management tools or software, you not only book your workplace, search your staff members, but can also request for a self-service basis or can be approved by managers.

Businesses that are happily using desk reservation systems have said it’s been a great way to promote choice for working from the office or working from home. So while there hasn’t been a rush of workers requiring to come to the office as originally expected, there have been workers keen to return to the office for multiple reasons. Workers are satisfied that any return to the office is voluntary and that if they do want to work from the office, they have the authority to control the situation around that return.

 Safeguarding employee safety and security

Desk reservation or hot booking isn’t just efficient or effective software, but it can also help safeguard the well-being of workers and ease any emotional concerns that they may have about going back to the office environment.

With the best desk booking software, the feature, Distancing Planner, instantly creates safe and accurate distanced seating plans using artificial intelligence, enabling employees to know the maximum amount of safety assigned or booked seat businesses can provide to their employees.

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