Top 10 Social Media Marketing Tips for Achieving 10X ROI

Staying in online business is not easy. You have to keep upgrading yourself to stand out from your competition. Every business has unique selling propositions by which they can survive in the market. Social media marketing is very much essential for business. These days due to COVID19 pandemic, businesses are switching to online marketing. So social media marketing can help businesses to flourish and grow. In this blog, we will discuss Top 10 Social Media Marketing Tips for Achieving 10X ROI.


Table of Contents

1. Recognize Your Goals

2. Know Your Audience

3. Choose the Best Platforms

4. Hire a Qualified Manager

5. Deliver Consistently

6. Woo Influencers

7. Grow Your Audience

8. Engage Your Audience

9. Track and  Measure Your Results

10. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Tip 1. Recognize Your Goals


If you don’t have your goal set, then you cannot get promising results. So it’s better to have goals. You must follow the smart goal strategy to excel in the social media marketing efforts.  If you are aware why you are doing social media marketing, then it would be easy for you to go further.  

· Why am I doing this?

· Is achieving organic traffic my goal?

· Do I need to get more conversions?

· Am I aiming to have more sales?

Tip 2. Know Your Audience

It is not beneficial to do any sort of business, if you are not targeting your audience. Before doing SMM, you have to realize who your target audience is. For this, you can examine:-

· Your happy clients.

· Check down the pain points.

· Surveying the customer support.

· Examine what they like or dislike


Tip 3. Choose the Best Platforms


Remember not every social media platform is for every business. You have to realize which platform is important for your business. Facebook and LinkedIn are effective platforms to promote your goods and services. But the thing is you have to study a lot before choosing your business specific platforms. You can choose your business platform by following things:- 

· Where are your competitors?

· Which platform is mostly used by my target audience?

· Is Facebook only good for my business?

Tip 4. Hire a Qualified Manager


If you want to take your business to the level of excellence and you want to increase ROI, then you should focus on hiring a qualified manager for your business. There should be following unique qualities in him/her

· He/she should have strategic thinking.

· There should be technical skills.

· He/she must be aware of branding expertise.

· He/she can lead the team.

Tip 5. Deliver Consistently


Your social media channels also crave content so be consistent about

· What to post?

· When to post?

· How to post?

· Who will be targeted?

It doesn’t only rely on just content and image only, but it has much more than that.

· Write content as per customer’s perspective.

· Curate content for filing social media calendar.

·  Write in such a way that the audience listens. 

Tip 6. Woo Influencers


Usually buyers seek the reviews given  by the influencer before making any purchase. This reveals how important are the influencers. As influencers have already established their reliability in the specific niche, so their reviews are highly important. 

How to get in touch with influencer for best social media strategy:-

· Do networking, reach to these influencers who can help you in expanding your brand.

· Provide them an offer.

· Build a good relationship with them.


Tip 7. Grow Your Audience


 Grow your audience by posting the relevant content. Post what your audience wants to see. You can grow your audience by:-

· Focusing on the current customers- Here you can examine whether they are following your business social handles or not>?

· You can interact with people who are your content fans.

· Paid ads are really helpful, if you want to grow your customer base

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Tip 8. Engage Your Audience


Engaging with the audience is very important . Many big companies are following this strategy for increasing their ROI. Some tips to engage with the audience are:-

· Respond to your customers.

· Tag your loyal customers in your posts. 

· Link your important posts to your website. 

· Make use of relevant hashtags.


Tip 9. Track and Measure Your Results


When you are set with accomplishing the above stated steps, it is the time to measure and track your results. 

You can track results:-

· Checking the increased number of followers on your business social media platforms.

· Calculating the total number of likes, shares and comments on your business posts on social media platforms. 

· Calculating the number of clicks to know how many people have clicked that.

· Examining the number of downloads when the people give response to the landing pages by downloading the content which is highly valuable.

Tip 10. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.


Metrics makes you aware where you are and where you have to go. It helps you to gather:-

· Does similar content bring more engagement?

· What should I improve?

· How to interact with the audience in a better way?

· What unique should I offer?

· At which time, will I get maximum engagement?

Final Thoughts


Social media marketing is a boon for promoting your goods and services. Following relevant tips can enhance your business social media presence and help you to achieve more  ROI. Well, this blog is all about Top 10 Social Media Marketing Tips for Achieving 10X ROI. We hope this blog worked for you. If you are having any doubt, ask me freely in the comment section. For social media marketing assistance, you can contact us.

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