Why Are Self Drive Car Rentals The Obvious Choice For Short Trips?

With amazing luxuries Weekend Getaways Packages available in the market, it is only apt if you take advantage of it. Learn how you can make your experience better here.

With last year taking a toll on both the world’s economy and people’s emotional state, this year comes with a lot of promises. With the pandemic situation controlled, it is time to start thinking about the best weekend getaways with your friends and family.

You can break the dry spell by planning a short weekend trip to a nearby location. This way, if you have enough time, you can even go by road. That said, there is a lot of preparation required before you set out on the road, one of the main ones being your transport.

While there are several cab rental services available, it is best if you keep away from them. It is time to choose Self Drive Car Rentals given the hoard of benefits it offers, especially if you have more than 5 people travelling with you.

Why Should You Opt For Self Drive Car RentalsOver Cabs?

With the modernisation of technology, self-drive cars are no longer a myth and quite capable. It has quickly become one of the most accepted forms of transport amongst consumers and automobile-related service providers, especially when you are looking at luxuries Weekend Getaways Packages. Such services not only make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable but also a lot more convenient.

That said, if this is your first time choosing a self-driven car rental service and you are still sceptical about its use, here are seven benefits you can experience with one.


This is one of the biggest benefits of hiring a self-driven car service. Without a driver to eavesdrop on your every conversation, you can expect complete privacy inside the car.

 Most of the time, a cab driver tries to engage in small talk or interrupt your conversations, which can get quite annoying and uncomfortable after a few hours.

More so, if it is a short trip, say for two or three days, you are stuck with the same driver, further ruining your mood and experience for the whole trip.

On the other hand, when you choose a self-driven car rental service, this problem is taken care of. You can listen to music, chat with your partner and even explore romantic getaway destinations in peace.


Another aspect of travelling that can make or break the whole experience is hygiene, especially after the pandemic. It has become necessary to sanitise your surroundings as well as maintaining social distance.

Even though a cab rental service will always sanitise your car before delivering it, you can never be too sure.  On top of that, social distancing in a car with a driver might not be possible.

However, a self-driven car does not have this issue. In addition to that, since you are only travelling with your friends and family, you can always make sure a proper level of hygiene is maintained.

Safety and Security:

This is another criterion in which self-driven cars beat regular cab services. In a regular cab, there is always a number of risks involved. For instance, your driver might unknowingly fall asleep while driving or not follow certain safety guidelines.

To omit any risk factor, you should always opt for self-driven cars. Since you drive the car, you will always be in control and ensure proper safety on the road. You can even take unplanned breaks if you think you are too tired to drive since you are not on a strict schedule.


It goes without saying that a self-driven car will always offer you more flexibility when compared to one with a driver. As mentioned in the last point, you can make unplanned stops, which can be quite annoying to a driver.

On top of that, you can also choose the route you want, or even go out for long drives. All in all, you are in charge when you are driving the car.

In Conclusion

Given such amazing benefits to a self-drive rental service, a lot of transport companies have made their way into the industry. However, one such company to stand out is International Travel House. With amazing reviews and a more consumer-centric approach to their services, you will surely not be disappointed.

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