Will Hybrid Meetings Become the Standard Event Format?

Digital events have taken centre stage in the past few months. No one thought that one day we would be able to attend events from the comfort of our home. And this is major because of two reasons. Firstly the evolution of virtual event technology. And second because of the ongoing pandemic.  

Now that the situation is improving in many parts of the world, the return of live events is imminent. However, some of the changes that came after the outbreak of the pandemic are permanent. And one of these changes is the prominence of digital events. One of the most crucial benefits of digital events is convenience and broader reach. And the event organisers understand this. So they want to bring this convenience to live events. Hence, the Hybrid events.

What are Hybrid Events?

Hybrid events are those physical events that are accessible to both live and virtual audiences. These events combine both virtual and physical events. Also, Hybrid events are known for offering the best of both worlds. They offer the convenience of virtual events and the engagement level of physical events.

Hybrid events require a Hybrid event platform or hybrid event software. These platforms or software aim to provide an enticing experience to the audience. For this, they use a 3-D interface and audience engagement features. So that the virtual audience can get a chance to experience the event the way a live audience does. Thus, making Hybrid events everyone’s favourite.

Types of Hybrid events

If you are thinking about which events can go Hybrid? Or can your event go Hybrid? Then the answer is Yes. You can organise any event using Hybrid event technology. Here is the list of some events that are hosted on hybrid event platforms.

     Hybrid Meetings

     Hybrid Product Launches

     Hybrid conferences

     Hybrid Trade shows

     Hybrid Award show

     Hybrid Exhibitions

     Hybrid career/ job fairs

     Hybrid AGMs

     Hybrid Town halls

     Hybrid fests

And so. You can host any event using hybrid event technology. But in this article, we are going to focus on one of the most common Hybrid events. That is Hybrid meetings.

Hybrid Meetings

Hybrid meetings are physical meetings. But these meetings also host virtual members apart from the live members. It means if you are working with international teams or remote teams, you can host them also in your meeting. It makes Hybrid Meetings more desirable than plain, physical meetings. Since the meeting is live, you can communicate face-to-face. It is something missing from virtual meetings.

Many workplaces are switching to hybrid meetings as the situation is improving. And because of the convenience of connectivity, we will see more Hybrid meetings over conventional meetings.

If you are still confused about hosting a hybrid meeting, then we have something for you.

Reasons why Hybrid meetings are becoming the standard event format 

1. Better control

Often we are not able to control the situations. Because these situations are controlled by several external factors. And you cannot control external factors. And this is more relevant in the case of physical events. So by opting for hybrid events/meetings. You can have some amount of control over these events. For instance, if you are planning to host a live meeting. But due to some issues, some of the members cannot reach the venue of the meeting. So, in that case, these members can join meetings virtually. While rest all are present physically.

2. More Convenience

For instance, you are working with remote teams. Or a part of international projects/teams. You can host a hybrid meeting. It will save time and resources. Otherwise, every team would require to travel to a particular location. It will cost more time but also money and other resources. So it makes sense to choose a hybrid meeting for greater convenience.

3. Cost-efficiency

Hybrid meetings are much more cost-effective when compared to physical meetings. The reason for this is, you can cut your expenses with hybrid meetings. Now you must be wondering, how is this possible? You don’t need to book large venues. You can host some members virtually. Also, this will reduce other expenses like travelling and accommodation. It means you can get the same results but without spending too much. Hence, making your meeting cost-effective.

4. Effective Networking

Many people think it is challenging to make new connections in digital events. But it is not correct. Yes, Face-to-face communication is the most prefered one. But not all people are comfortable with this form of communication. So how can you cater for the needs of two opposite audiences? The answer is hybrid events/meetings. With Hybrid events, you can use efficient networking tools for effective networking. However, it comes to the platform you choose for your event. And also, the physical audience can enjoy face-to-face communication. Also, you can increase networking opportunities by connecting both physical and virtual audiences.

We would recommend tools like AI Matchmaking, Networking Lounges and 2-way interaction etc. And even easier solutions like Live chats and support for third-party apps like WhatsApp are effective for networking.

5. Small sessions and Breakout rooms

The fact that our ability to focus reduces in virtual space is valid. And this is why you should host smaller meetings and sessions virtually. However, this is also beneficial in the physical world. But the question is how? The long meetings/sessions are distracting. And this reduces the effectiveness of those meetings/sessions. So you can host smaller meetings and sessions for both audiences. Also, you should provide breakout rooms for virtual audiences. So that during the break, the virtual audience can also relax.

6. Host unlimited people

In physical meetings, you can host a limited number of people. And this due to several constraints. Some of these are limited space and feasibility. However, with Hybrid meetings, you can overcome these constraints. And can host hundreds and even thousands of people in a single meeting.

It is beneficial in hosting meetings like Town halls. At Town halls, you need to host all the employees of your organisations. So instead of going through the inconvenience of a crowded meeting hall. Or multiple batches. You can host some employees virtually in a single round of meeting. It is much more efficient and saves a lot of time.

Hybrid meetings are the future of meetings. And with the continuous development and introduction of new features. We can expect to see the growth of hybrid meetings for a long time. 

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